It's the chicken and the egg scenario! This is what prompted me to start Cart Reel Films. Actors are asked to put together a reel to showcase their work to help them book acting jobs, but they need acting jobs to be able to get footage to create those demo reels. How can they get one without already having the other. Chicken. Egg. Which one goes first?!

When I first started in the industry, it took several years for me to collect footage to create a strong reel. I did student projects, independent projects, free projects that promised to provide me with a copy of my scene... Unfortunately, most of the footage looked unprofessional or rushed, and in most cases, that promise of "we'll provide you with your footage" was never fulfilled. 


When a person decides to become an actor, they go through the necessary steps of training and compiling their portfolio. An actor can easily sign up for classes with the abundance of acting schools and coaches. An actor can easily find a headshot photographer to take those perfect shots. An actor can easily start writing their resume with their training, bookings of independent projects, stage performances, etc. So, why can't an actor put together their own demo reel? Why does an actor need to wait around until the right job comes along that showcases their acting range? Why can't an actor just say "Hey! You know what? I can do this! Watch me!"

I created Cart Reel Films because I know how annoying that wait can be. Actors are in charge of their career, which includes how they are presented in their demo reel. Instead of being at the mercy of productions that may decide to never send footage or having to wait months or even years for that one amazing role, we provide actors with the ability to show what they can do - NOW!

-Maria Liatis

Founder, Director, Writer

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